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Josef Engling

Be everything for everyone and special property of Mary

Joseph Engling was born in Prositten, (East Prussia, Germany), in a peasant and very Christian family. He had certain physical traits that did not make him very popular (he was clumsy, and stuttered when speaking) and that increased his shyness. But Engling was persevering, and had a deep and pious character as well.

He entered the Seminary of the Pallottine Fathers in September 1912. There he managed to earn the respect and admiration of his classmates and be the first in his class. There as a seminarian, he met Father Kentenich, who would be his spiritual father, becoming his guide on the path of self-education.

Engling was an example of heroism. During WW1, he was placed in Cambrai, France. Josef’s patrol had run out of supplies and the truck with them was 2 km away. At that time, the area was being bombed and no one wanted to go out there since they feared for their lives. Besides, they all had families. The leader of the platoon told a soldier to go and fetch the supplies, but Josef knew that he had a family and expressed the famous phrase, “comrade, I’m going for you.” So Engling went searching for the truck, while he was there the enemies bombed the place, cutting short the life of Josef Engling, who died due to the explosion.

Reflect & Pray
  • What about you? What are the little things you do to give your life to others?
  • What prevents you from doing or giving more than you are capable of?

Dear Mother,

Help me to walk fearlessly and be attentive so that I can give myself freely to others. I want to be your property, I want to be everything for everyone!

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